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-Not-So-Live-Gig -Rhonda Shear -Sexual harassment -Foot fetishes -Pajama party -South Tampa Derm & botox

-Alabama Senate race -Metro Ministries -Tyler Florence calls in -Drew Garabo saves Christmas -Gennaro's & St Pete Beach destroying his business.

-Teenage girls wearing clothes that are too sexy -Swig used to date a hooker -Metro Ministries -Lady Gaga concert. -Two Soldiers and PTSD -The Juice -Greg Siff calls in -Matt Lauer getting fired.​

Thanksgiving stories Black Friday shopping Rooftop Eve Running marathons Small business Saturday Drinking mimosas; Popcorn Deadly allergies​

Obscene child's toy Jason Flom (Innocence Project) Whole Damn Mess new song The Juice Sexual harassment. Getting invited to events Party etiquette New Year Eve rooftop party

Swig's bad karma Lobbyist Justin Day talks politics Kids learning lessons from sports Rhonda Shear Sexual harassment. The Juice Celebs & sexual harassment 23 & me results.

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Swig's trip to NY Las Vegas shooting & the 2nd Amendment The Juice with JoJo San Francisco 49er Dwight Clark & his ALS fight.

-Hugh Hefner -Open sexual relationships. -Jaron Lowenstein calls in to talk Playboy Mansion -Listener Russ comes in to have JoJo check him for skin issues. -Traits in kids that can hint at being susceptible to future drug habits.​

-Storm recap: Hurricane Irma -iphone X; -Learning what 4K is -WDM new video -Parenting & having a favorite child. -Don gets rejected for Palma Ceia -Ian Beckles join us -Grill cooking.

Mike Calta's Punch out recap Carmin joins the show Jason Hulfish & unique cleats The Juice We Don't Need a Reason by Whole Damn Mess Mayweather/MacGregor fight Game of Thrones

Tampa weather Game of Thrones The Purgatorist Steve Bannon firing President Trump The Juice Becca King

Talking; Game of Thrones O'neill Hudson's new song "Lucky" Ben turning redneck NFL & abuse The Juice! Taylor Swift lawsuit Whole Damn Mess new song Top 50 selling albums Mo's film The Purgatorist.​

- Swig's road trip - Guest Paul Blaylock - Steven Furtick $110 million dollar contract - The Juice - HBO's The Defiant Ones - Breast milk brownies -Drunk driver Instagraming her sister's death - Trump's first 6 months.

Discussions about: -Game of Thrones - Fleetwood Mac concert - Bad plastic surgery -Justin from Tattoos After Dark - texting etiquette - Martini's for Moffitt - The Juice - TSA failures​

-Misunderstand Texts -July 4th in Montana -Seeing Orlando Bloom -The Juice -Chicago making kids have post-high school plans -Jenner's in trouble for stealing celeb images for t-shirts -LGBT upset at Spider-man actor -A Cat named Mo

-Don's new book "Dad's Know Best" -"Night of the Gun" novel -Bill Cosby mistrial -The Juice -Bachelor in Paradise possible rape

JoJo & Kevin Martin from Candlebox -Kevin discusses his early music life -Marriage to a Scientologist -The Juice -Bill Maher's apology -Ice Cube's angry rebuttal -Race relations -Natalie Martin collection (Kevin's wife's clothing line)​

- Bill Maher & Kathy Griffin Controversies - NKOTB/Paula Abdul/BoyzIIMen -Margarita Fest recap -Don got very wasted in LA -The Juice -Ariana Grande benefit concert -Rhianna getting called a bitch vs Maher referring to himself as a nigger -Paris climate accord.​

Apple a Day May 20, 2017 At Sacred Pepper for Apple a Day program benefit with interviews with Drew Garabo and A Cat Named Mo

-Swig goes nuts over Frontier Communications lousy service -Metro Ministries in studio -Miggs mom calls for Mother's Day -The Juice, "Clean Juice" -Margarita Fest & Fred from Cowboy Mouth -James Comey firing

Always Dreaming May 6, 2017 - Anniversary of Beastie Boys' MCA's Death - Drew Garabo calls in - Lela Bloodsworth & Amicable divorce. - The Juice - Kentucky Derby - A Cat Named Mo - An Apple a Day​

100 Days April 29, 2017 Talking - -Swig's kids deny him sexy time -Moffitt Cancer Center & Swim Across America Tampa Bay -The Juice -Delta pilot hitting passenger, -Liability of not helping someone -Aging gracefully -Fyre Festival -Trump's 100 days​

Nothing Is As Important As Family Talking About; -Ben's new house -Guest Lela Bloodsworth & divorce ( -The Juice -Aaron Hernandez & suicide -Buddy the cat -JoJo in 3-some with Drew?​

Fly The Friendly Skies April 15, 2017 - Daughters & asking their father for their 'hand in marriage' - Society looking down on men innocently complimenting young girls - "Ask The Dom' Dominic Fariello discusses the United Airlines incident - Horrifying married twins story - Interview with 11 year old Charlotte Hendricks - Shapes of boobs - The Juice - Survivor outing a Tranny - Swig has a Beastie Boys story - Don has to poop - El Chapo calls in.​

Action Jackson April 8, 2017 - Special Guest Host Tampa Bay Bucs Vincent Jackson - Roland & Car Salesmen - Ben's and Food Addiction - Restaurants and Life as a Waiter - Wonderlic test - A Cat named Mo - The Juice

April Fools April 1, 2017 April Fools Jokes Harlem Globetrotters and jobs getting monotonous Men's only clubs Rock n Roll Hall of Fame The Juice DeBartoloGala recap Uber driver catches boyfriend cheating House break-ins and being able to defend yourself against burglers​

Making Memories (with in studio guest Stephen Kellogg) Talking: Parenting Don's Trip To Italy Ben's Trip To Louisiana Making Memories with Your Kids President Trump & the ACA Failing Politicians & Conflict of Interest and Special Guest Stephen Kellogg Sings​

Talking: Don's Italy trip Common Core math ID theft Ian Beckles joins us Sports & Gambling A Cat Named Mo Emojis Beauty& the Beast's gay character Women not orgasming during sex​

Talking- -Miggs tour with Stephen Kellogg -Hangover pills Miracoal -What your Astrological sign says about your sexual proclivities -Divorce

TPA to SFO - 2/25/17 Talking: Jameis Winston of Tampa Bay Bucs President Trump attacking the media and the new TPA to SFO Flight

Pay It Forward 2/14/17 Talking: Superbowl 51 Game of Thrones Anthony Weiner Documentary Political Views and Family Toy Giveaway - Paying it Forward

What's Menstrual Cups Go To Do With It 1/28/17 JoJo's Tardiness Baylor Football and Sexual Assault Menstrual Cups President Trump

Never Thought We Would Say That....President Donald Trump January 21, 2017 On Location at Wyndham Grand in Clearwater Beach

"New Year...New You" 1/7/17 - Talking putting an animal to sleep - NFL Playoffs - Ben Swig gets Botox

Miggs and Swig Year in Review

Miggs and Swig - December 10, 2016

Miggs and Swig - December 3, 2016

Miggs and Swig - November 26, 2016

Talking President Donald Trump Election Results America Rioting and much more

Special Guests: Ian Beckles Justin Day

October 22, 2016 Bringing it back to the old school show when it was just Don and JoJo on the Radio.

Miggs and Swig Talking Game of Thrones Election Dating Parenting Stripper Names and so much more

Miggs and Swig - October 2, 2016

Miggs and Swig - September 24, 2016 Talking about: - Magical Butter and Medical Marijuana - Don and Lisa's relationship - Sex - Ryan Nece Foundation - Power of Giving and much more

Miggs and Swig - September 10, 2016S Talking: Religion in Schools Politics Parenting American Flag and much more

Miggs and Swig - August 28, 2016 Talking: Bullying Social Media DMX Parenting Kids - when is enough, enough

Miggs and Swig - August 13, 2016 Interview with Edward DeBartolo Jr Talking about Jealousy, Sex, Hall of Fame, Parenting and more

Miggs and Swig - July 24, 2016 Discussion about circumcision, RNC and more

Miggs and Swig - July 10, 2016 Talking with Tampa Sheriffs Department Colonel Chad Chronsiter about what law enforcement is doing regarding recent police shootings. Nathan Hot Dog Eating Contest Hillary Clinton Pamela Anderson